Code for Plotting CW Activity

In prior posts (here and here) I describe a CW activity metric derived from the RBN, and plot the value of that metric on an annual basis. I thought that it might be useful to share the code that I used; although the earlier of the posts above describes the algorithm, the posts do not include any code.

Accordingly, I have added the code to a github repository. The new code is in the cw-activity directory.

Although it would have been much more efficient to code a monolithic program in C++, in the interests of making things more portable I used only scripts that should run on a wide range of machines. The only fundamental change needed to run the scripts on other machines is probably to change the variable FILENAME in the rbncat script. That variable should point to a mounted copy of the RBN database, as may be generated by the other tools in that github repository. Note that byte offsets are hard-coded into rbncat, so you should check that that script works as expected on your system before attempting to generate the activity plots. You might need to change the values of the byte offsets if, for example, for some reason you are using a line separator in your copy of the RBN database that is more than one character in length.

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