Generating Custom SCP files

A (C++) program, licensed under GPL v2, to generate custom Super Check Partial (SCP) files is now available on github.

From the documentation:

Program to generate custom SCP (super check partial) files drscp -dir <directory of contest logs> [-v] [-l cutoff-count] [-p parallel-number] [-tr call to trace] [-tl lower-limit] [-x] -v be verbose -l <n> roughly, the number of times that a call must appear in the logs, even after reasonable precautions have been taken to remove busts. Default 1. -p <n> the number of directories to process simultaneously. Default 1. -tr <call> provide detailed information on the processing of a particular logged call -tl <n> do not automatically include entrants' calls unless they claim at least n QSOs. Default 1. -x generate eXtended SCP output Notes: If <directory of contest logs> begins with the comat character, then the value, without the leading character, is treaded as a file that contains a list of directories to process, one per line. <directory of contest logs> may list multiple directories, separated by commas. The -l limit is applied independently to each contest and band. Regardless of the value of -tl, entrants' calls must also appear in at least one other log.


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