New CQ WW CW Video maps

I have updated the set of CQ WW video maps on my youtube channel (channel N7DR). These video maps cover all the years for which public CQ WW CW logs are currently available (2005 to 2016). These maps are in addition to the SSB maps that were uploaded in January.

To access individual videos directly:

The videos are created with time steps of ten minutes; when playing the video, each time step is displayed for five seconds. The videos are presented as animated GIF files, so they should display correctly without any specialised video software installed on your computer.

The videos assume that all communication is via the great-circle short path route, and include only inter-zone contacts. The width of the arcs is an absolute measure of the number of QSOs taking place over that path in the particular 10-minute segment. The colour of the arc reflects the relative number of QSOs taking place over the path. Each separate image (i.e., 10-minute segment) is normalized so that the path with the greatest number of QSOs is rendered in white. Paths with fewer QSOs are in progressively darker colours. Thus, arc colour should not be compared from one still image to another; arc width, however, is meaningful. The width of an arc in pixels is one plus the natural logarithm of the number of QSOs represented by the arc.

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