ARRL DX CW public logs for 2018

The logs for the 2018 running of the ARRL International DX CW contest have been made available by the ARRL.

In addition to the files made available by the ARRL (one log per file), the same logs can be downloaded from here in the form of a compressed archive that contains all the logs in a single file (~7.5MB; MD5 checksum 964e04f74596f11306fd8492e3715854).

I note that, for reasons at which I cannot begin to guess, the ARRL has seen fit to edit the submitted logs unilaterally and in such a way that they no longer conform to the QSO template for this contest, and, further, include lines with tags not present in the original submissions and that are undefined by the Cabrillo specification. As far as I know, there is no way to know what other emendations, if any, have been made to the submitted logs prior to their being made public.

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